Traditional peer roundtables
are a thing of the past

Every challenge has a solution
with the help of others

Merge the old and the new for best results

Group diversity brings better solutions


Build your network -
in a safe and supportive community

Nonprofit leaders find solutions with peers

Use the wisdom of peers for best outcomes

It’s Lonely at the Top

Nonprofit executives are often faced with isolation which can lead to burnout and poor outcomes – especially during times like these.

  • Do you value robust conversations with smart people?
  • Do you value letting your hair down among trusted colleagues?
  • Do you think it is an act of leadership to reach out for help?
  • Would a monthly retreat with all of the above be valuable to you?

Through virtual roundtable discussions, CEOs, COOs, Chief Development Officers,
Chief Marketing Officers, Board Officers and other executives
can freely share stories and discuss
challenges with other nonprofit leaders who understand their circumstances –
in a safe, supportive environment.

Virtual Meetings are the New Normal

Nonprofit leaders can now share ideas and build solutions with outstanding peers.  Think of SOLUTIONS as a long-term valuable resource.




SOLUTIONS is a strategic partner with Copley Raff Inc., an international nonprofit management and fundraising consultancy. Our facilitated conversations have helped hundreds of nonprofit leaders find the insights and answers they need.  Now, we invite you to join a conversation to bring out the brilliance in you and your peers.

Our Method

Monthly Session

3 Hours

8 – 12 Peers

Rotating Member Focus
Deep Dive and Urgent Topics

Blog Posts &
Private Member Connections 

Strictly Private

Guest Speaker Events

Virtual presentations throughout the year featuring
exceptional thought leaders

By Invitation, Referral or Inquiry

Colleagues are matched in groups of true peers while avoiding conflicts of interest.

Your first session is on the house!

We are now forming new groups and accepting new members.

Those accepted will enjoy the first group session with no obligation.

If it’s a good fit, we encourage you to become a Colleague Member.