Associations – Member Growth, Retention and Business Innovation

  1. Is your association having trouble retaining and recruiting new members and finding new sources of revenue?
  2. Are your member executives stressed-out with few people they can turn to for advice and counsel?
  3. Do you think your members value robust conversations with smart people who understand their work, and being able to let their hair down among trusted colleagues?
  4. Does your association need to have unvarnished member insights and pain-points to help with recognizing emerging issues early that can inform innovation opportunities?

Member Benefits

  1. SOLUTIONS Virtual Peer Groups offers associations a valuable member benefit that can be organized by the association and facilitated by SOLUTIONS.
  2. SOLUTIONS facilitates monthly group conversations of professional peers for insights, fellowship, and solutions to their challenges … from big projects to the daily grind.
  3. SOLUTIONS will provide your association with information, pain points and insights generated by peer groups (without attribution) – information your association may not otherwise have access to – that can lead to innovation and other benefits.
  4. Association non-members may participate, but at a higher rate than association members.
  5. Your members will see this as a valuable member benefit that will help to retain their membership.
  6. Your association will generate revenue from ongoing peer groups.