Member Benefits

Member Benefits

In addition to the advantages of participating in monthly peer group discussions, the following are also benefits available to SOLUTION Colleague members.

1.Access to the contact information of your peer group members.


2.Topic-focused “popup” sessions for all SOLUTIONS colleague members to participate.


3.Guest speaker presentations throughout the year featuring exceptional thought leaders.


4.Weekly email with insights from group meetings and access to monthly session comment page with comments and contributions made in real time by group members.

5.Executive coaching resources for more personal and professional development.

Executive Coaching is a customized and confidential activity that provides an opportunity to maximize and enhance your leadership skills, decision-making and management performance while maintaining congruence with your personal mission, your greatest strengths and your behavioral style.   Your executive coach will guide you through a process of inquiry and dialogue as a thought partner and source of new strategies and tools for consideration to achieve your desired outcomes.   Coaching focuses on improving performance by helping you to develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors.  Diane Blumenson leads our executive coaching team.