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When you can envision success, challenges can be overcome with solutions created by vision and leadership.
-Larry G. Raff, MPH

Dream Aspire and AchieveWe believe nonprofit organizations, as well as the people who support and work for them, are central to a civil society and exemplify our nation at its very best. Their missions touch every facet of our lives, inspiring the success of our citizens and country. They deserve our admiration and finest support.

SOLUTIONS offers nonprofit executives a virtual forum for the support and solutions they need. Through facilitated peer group video sessions, executives gain insights, develop skills and confidence, and build camaraderie with individuals who understand their circumstances. Facilitated by seasoned consultants to nonprofit agencies, group members will speak frankly to help each other excel and achieve their personal and organizational missions.

Professional leaders and managers must continue to learn and grow to keep pace with rapidly changing conditions. As a former 30-year association executive for state government elected and administrative leaders, without any doubt, regular networking with peers holding similar organizational positions is the optimal means to achieve this high-performance value.

SOLUTIONSvpg provides nonprofit leaders with exceptional peer video networking opportunities at precisely the right time!

Dan Sprague, Former Executive Director/CEO for The Council of State Governments

Peers Come in Many Flavors

Peer matching can consider several dimensions, all of which bring special value to group members.

Peers might be:

  1. Executives in similar sectors, i.e. CEOs of museums in different geographic markets.
  2. Executives with similar jobs by agency revenues, i.e. $10M-$50M.
  3. Executives with similar jobs in different sectors.
  4. Executives with similar needs, i.e. newly promoted, new on the job.

These options are all considered in creating SOLUTIONS peer groups.

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